Early Voting Kicks Off

With few weeks left for US presidential election, early voting will begin on Sept 27 and thousands of citizens can cast vote in this week that could become crucial on November’s Election Day (Nov6). It s not the first time that government is conducting something like this; during the time of 2008 elections also we saw something similar happening, when Barack’s margin of win depended to a great degree on early ballots in important states, such as North California, Colorado, Iowa, and Florida. These days, call for early vote has become standard appeal in Mr. Obama’s campaign speeches. On Saturday, he told to his supporters that people in Iowa don’t have to wait till November Day of Election and anyone can become the first to cast vote, beginning Sep 27.

On the other side, Republican candidate Romney is also looking forward to build up that early election, though it has favored Democrats. African-American churches conducted a program in 2008, with the message, saying ‘take your souls to the polls’, supporting Obama. If votes counted on Election Day in 2008, then opponent John McCain would have taken the victory in Iowa, North California, Colorado, and Florida as well. But early votes that favored Obama, gained mobilizing not just from dedicated or loyal voters, but also non-habitual electors, with the help of text messages, phone calls, e-mail, and internet ads. This time gaining votes before the actual day has become more crucial for Mr. Obama.

It is rather tricky as not every time early voting works in one’s favor; looking at the current status, comprised of weak job market, and delicate economy recovery, voters can change their mind, if the unemployment increases. Mitt Romney campaign is calculating last 4 years of Obama’s administration, taking their on his supporters, making them a tough sell. Today’s camp looks very much different from the old one and things may change even in coming weeks, when massive voting operations will confine to final weekend and the day before the poll.

This year, South Dakota and Idaho may begin voting on Sep 21, followed after a week by Wyoming, Iowa, and Vermont. Ohio may start approving early voting from Oct 2, while Florida is set to give green signal on Oct 27. In all 32 states, the District of Columbia permits early voting via mail. Republicans have worked to limit this process of early voting since 2008; however, if this year’s early ballot can match or exceed last time’s result is still a question to be answered.


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