Clinton Suggests Consulate Attack in Libya was Orchestrated by Al Qaeda Affiliates

Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, suggests that the fatal consulate attack involves affiliates of the radical group, Al Qaeda present in North Africa. With this statement she went further over any other official in the President’s administration in insisting that the consulate assault was an act of terrorists.

Hillary was speaking last Wednesday to different foreign leaders that gathered at the meeting that was arranged by Ban Ki-Moon, the U.N. Secretary General. In her statements, Clinton was addressing the threats posed by the extremists in the concerned region.

As per a report by New York Times, Clinton told in the meeting that now the terrorists get a bigger safe haven and more freedom to make workarounds and with these facilities they are able to increase their reach and strengthen their networks in all directions. She also elaborated that the terrorists are joining hands with other radical groups that is in turn undermining democratic changes that are in process in the regions of North Africa and something similar was seen in Benghazi.

This was not the very first time that Hillary chose to blame the assault on US consulate in Libya and Benghazi on terrorists groups, but this time her mention of Al Qaeda in context with Islamic Maghreb came across as a point worth noticing, especially when President himself is yet to name the attack as an act of terrorism.

Republicans chose to pounce on the changing explanation of the administration for 11th September attack, which also left 3 Americans and Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador dead. Officials at the administration initially chose to refer it as one of the “spontaneous” violent attacks, which was possibly connected to one of the protests against a film that was anti-Islamic in nature and was produced in America.

But slowly Obama’s administration changed its stance by referring the attack as a terrorist attack. Last Wednesday, the White House said that President Obama also considers the consulate attack as a move by terrorists. Jay Carney, the Press Secretary, said that both the administration and the President view the attack as a move by a radical group.

Carney chose to make the comment after Romney went on to accuse the President of not being able to bring the people of America in terms with the kind of attack made in Libya. Earlier, the President turned down several opportunities to refer the unfortunate attack as an act by the terrorist. Last week, he said that the extremists made use of one of the anti-Islam videos as one of their excuses to attack US consulate in Libya.

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